About Us

Purpose and Goals:

The American River Parkway Volunteer Equestrian Trail Patrol (ARP Trail Patrol) was founded in 1995.  Mounted volunteers serve as "the eyes and ears" of the Parkway trails.

This corporation is a non-profit public benefit corporation.

The specific and primary purpose of the organization is to provide assistance to the public and Sacramento County Regional Parks by conducting mounted patrols along the 23 miles of the American River Parkway trails. The primary goal of the program is to assist in the protection of Park property and resources, and promote safety in the use of park facilities.

Trail Patrol members promote strong public relations and customer service while performing tasks that ultimately benefit the visitor to the Parkway, its resources and the Department.

Basic volunteer responsibilities and tasks include:

* Performing regular mounted patrols in the American River Parkway, and/or other areas of the Sacramento County Regional Parks system as agreed to by the County and the ARP Trail Patrol.

* Providing information to park visitors concerning trail conditions, directions, general park information, and park rules and regulations.

* Educate park users in the safe use of park areas.

* Assist in the maintenance of Equestrian Staging Areas and Horse Trails.

* Facilitate the rapid response of emergency service providers by providing prompt and accurate reporting of circumstances and location.